Conditions for family well-being

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족의 안녕을 위한 조건
[gajog-ui annyeong-eul wihan jogeon]
家族의 安寧을 爲한 條件
家族 (가족) [gajog] – family
安寧을 (안녕을) [annyeon-eul] – calmness, well-being
條件 (조건) [jogeon] – condition

The first condition for well-being in a family is a vibrant relationship between parents and children. Parents embody the highest and greatest value in the family; they are the source of eternal true love. If a child is happy, his parents are happy too. If the child suffers, the parents also suffer. This proves that God created parents as the main and highest source of joy for their children.

A loving husband and wife is the second condition for well-being in a family. Spouses love each other sincerely and selflessly. The love of newlyweds is not yet absolute and eternal. Only over time, when relationships become relationships of mature people, does their love grow stronger, acquiring the qualities of the Creator, that is, it becomes absolute and eternal. True love between spouses is the key to happiness and joy for the whole family.

But the happiness of just one married couple will not become a source of absolute and eternal happiness; for this they need children. What happens if all couples decide that they do not need children because the spouses prefer to enjoy their own happiness together? In a hundred years, humanity will completely disappear from the face of the Earth. The love of children elevates husband and wife to the position of parents. Only then can they be called true spouses.

Another important condition is also provided – the true love of children for their parents. Children are expected to love and serve their parents willingly and cheerfully, as diligently as they strive to achieve their own goals. Their love for their parents can become precious, primordial love, pure and sincere, overshadowing their entire family life with happiness.

According to God’s ideal, a family should include three generations of people, with selfless love from parents to children, true love between husband and wife, and true love from children to their parents. In any corner of the world, families corresponding to this model are undoubtedly considered ideal and true.