Formula for the existence of the Universe

Writing and etymology in Korean
우주 존재의 공식
[uju jonjaeui gongsig]
宇宙存在의 公式
宇宙 (우주) [uju] – Universe
存在 (존재) [ jonjae] – existence
公式 (공식) [gongsig] – formula

The universe obeys strict laws. For example, in order for any mechanism to work we need to strictly follow physical laws; it’s the same with love. When it comes to love, the rules are especially strict.

There is a simple formula that can change the entire universe from negativity to positivity. If we treat people of our parentsage with the same loving heart that we show to our own parents, if we treat men and women of our age as we treat our own brothers and sisters, if we love all children as our own, if we are able to love people of all levels – the universe will protect us.

But is it possible to love all people? After all, there are people who are hostile to us. Overcome hate with love. If one person tries to give love, and the other tries to resist him and pursue him, which of them will meet a bad ending?

Never let hatred go unnoticed without doing something to cure it. If you see someone particularly disgusting on the street, buy something for them, or do something out of the ordinary for them, so that your bad feelings towards them will be erased.

Where should we practice this formula? In our daily life. You don’t have to go far, start right here and now. If we live this way of life, the world will become heaven and humanity will be free. If we do not practice this way of life, we will create hell.

Is it easy or difficult to follow this formula of selfless giving? For those who decide to apply this formula even at the risk of their lives, it is not difficult. However, for those who say, “I would like to save my life, so I will do what I can,” the path will be very difficult. Those who are ready to die will live, and those who want to live will die – it sounds paradoxical, but nevertheless it is the absolute truth.