Shimjeong revolution

Writing and etymology in Korean
[shimjeong hyeogmyeong]
心情 (심정) – shimjeong (heart)
革命 (혁명) – revolution

The world’s existing ideologies may reach the level of a revolution of conscience based on a benchmark of conscience, but something else must emerge to bring about positive change. This “something” is Shimjeong (Heart). A new historical worldview must emerge that will revolutionize the hearts of all people and establish the standard of the Heavenly Way. Based on this historical worldview, an “ideology of shimjeong” must emerge that will initiate a new vision of life and a new vision of the world. Its basis will be the doctrine of human life, the world and the universe, based on the concept of “shimjeong.”

Shimjeong, which was originally supposed to be the core of the human being, has been blocked, and the impulse of shimjeong has been distorted and transformed into an impulse toward selfishness.

When the most diverse people live together as one community, the boundaries between races will also disappear. People of all races will build relationships despite linguistic and external differences, and this cultural revolution will help the world come together.

The most urgent need of humanity is a revolution of true love. Without a fundamental change, we cannot hope for happiness for humanity or world peace.

The best way to correct today’s culture, which seems more chaotic by the day, is to eradicate selfishness and revitalize the impulse of shimjeong within the individual. The result of such a change will be to transform all areas of culture so that they are motivated by shimjeong and strive to embody love. In this way, it will be possible to establish a new culture of shimjeong and a culture of love.