True parents, true teacher, true leader

Writing and etymology in Korean
참부모, 참스승, 참주인
[champumo, chamseuseung, chamju-in]
眞父母,眞師, 眞主人
眞父母 (참부모) [champumo] – true parents
眞師 (참스승) [chamseuseung] – true teacher
眞主人 (참주인) [chamju-in] – true leader

What did Creator want for His children? To become billionaires? To have more power than anyone else? What God wanted for His children was for them to grow to become children of filial piety, loyal citizens, saints, and a Holy Son and Daughter. Did you ever consider that, in accordance with God’s desire, we should become children of filial piety in the family, loyal citizens of the nation, saints in the world, and Holy Sons and Daughters before Heaven and Earth? In history the saints and sages have taught that we should become children of filial piety, loyal citizens, saints, and Holy Sons and Daughters.

Can we say that we have already acquired such qualities as filial piety, loyalty, righteousness and holiness, since these are the qualities that give us the right to be called a perfect person? Without knowing the answer to this question, we cannot become true parents in the family. True parents must continually train their children in the spirit of filial piety, devotion to duty, righteousness, purity and, ultimately, oneness with God. The one who clearly embodies these ideals in his life and raises his children according to them will be called by God a true parent, a true teacher and a true leader.

People did not understand what it meant to be a filial son or daughter, a worthy citizen of one’s country, a righteous person in the world and a morally pure person. It is because of this kind of ignorance that the world is falling into decay.

Selflessly loving his family, a person thereby expresses his filial piety. A patriot is ready to sacrifice family well-being to save his country. The righteous person will not defend the interests of his country to the detriment of the interests of the whole world; his duty is to build an ideal world. So, only true parents, true teachers and true presidents, among all parents, teachers and presidents, are able to give themselves completely to their children, students and citizens. Until now, this concept of complete dedication and sacrifice was unfamiliar to us. But without it world peace and unity will remain a pipe dream.