Value of True Love

Writing and etymology in Korean
참사랑의 가치
[chamsarang-ui kachi]
眞愛의 價値
眞愛 (참사랑) [chamsarang-ui kachi] – true love
價値 (가치) [kachi] – value

What kind of love do we call true? Love that cares about the common good and that strives to live for the benefit of others. Such love is selfless, it is devoid of selfish motives and gives joy. Such is the love of a mother’s heart when a mother hugs her child and puts him to her breast. Such is the love of children who honor their parents and feel joy from this. This was the love of Heavenly Parent when He created people. True love is creative love, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, without expectation of reward.

True love shows us the life-giving source of the Universe, its center, it owns the world. True love symbolizes the root of God, His determination and His power. So, bound together by the bonds of true love, people will live together in joy. Having felt the power of our love, the Universe and the Creator Himself will reciprocate.

The value of love lies in the fact that it can forever tear down the walls that people have built, including national boundaries, barriers of racial hostility and religious differences. The absolute condition for creating an ideal world is living for others, that is, living in true love.