Chastity of women and men

Writing and etymology in Korean
여성과 남성의 순결
[yeoseong-gwa namseong-ui sungyeol]
女性과 男性의 純潔
女性 (여성) [yeoseong] – women
男性 (남성) [namseong] – men
純潔 (순결) [sungyeol] – chastity

The most valuable being in all creation is homan, that is, man and woman, and the most important organ of human being is not the nose, eyes, hands or brain, but the genitals, the central organs of love. Thanks to the organs of love the process of re-creation is possible in the Universe.

Reproduction and increase in the population of plants and animals occurs through the reproductive organs. A beautiful united family of the highest value is created on the basis of the unity of spouses. An ideal family begins in marital unity. The organs of love are the palace in which life originates; a place of extraordinary value, where race and history come into contact.

The fundamental principle by which God created the universe is based on the concept of masculine and feminine principles. If the masculine and feminine principles strive for absolute love, the participation of one of these elements simultaneously in two different couples is unacceptable. Any pairing must be unique and definitive. Every man and every woman should be unique forever and ever. Today in the world it happens that a child has up to ten stepfathers. How deceitful this world is, like a garbage tank!

The chastity of women and men is equivalent to the integrity of the Universe, since the love between them is the foundation on which the Universe rests. This is why you should not abuse love and become like animals. Love has one owner. The definition of “true” in the concept of “true love” means that the second partner is unacceptable. There must be one partner and only one.