Unity of spouses

Writing and etymology in Korean
부부의 단결
[bubuui dangyeol]
夫婦의 團結
夫 (부) [bu] – husband
婦 (부) [bu] – wife
團 (단) [dan] – group
結 (결) [gyeol] – tie (relationship)

In a marital relationship the third is superfluous. No one can interfere with them: neither brothers and sisters, nor parents, nor grandparents. Grandparents only need to help their children and grandchildren find their other half in order to fulfill their life purpose – to achieve the unity of the male and female beginnings.

The law of the Universe guards this unity, and anyone in your family, clan or country who encroaches on this unity is doomed to death. The whole Universe, including their families, should contribute to the union of spouses. When spouses go out into the street holding hands the whole world greets them. A world that is filled with such joy and peace would be an ideal world.

In their unity, husband and wife have a value comparable to the value of God. It is unity that the Creator awaits. Our parents and grandparents also dreamed of perfect marital unity. Our children will strive for it too. This process is endless. No amount of wealth, no amount of education can give peace and happiness, and we will not know the ideal if we do not find unity in marriage.

How should we live our lives? No matter how much we are attracted to free sex, in such relationships we will never experience the intensity of passion and the joy that a relationship with a spouse gives a person. If we do not cherish and value our first love, such a nation has no future.

If we manage to get a good spouse, will we ever want to leave him? We will want to spend eternity with our spouse. Why? This is the command of eternal true love. Having united themselves in marital relations, a husband and wife can no longer be separated. Partners in love belong to the boundless world of true love, and wish to always be together.