Eight stages

Writing and etymology in Korean
팔 단계
[pal tangye]
八 段階

To return to the Heavenly Parent, we must go through eight vertical stages: servant of servant, servant, adopted child, stepchild, native child, mother, father, and God. These eight stages represent the vertical axis. The horizontal axis represents the restoration of the individual, family, clan, nation, country, world, universe, and Creator. These axes, vertical and horizontal, must correspond to each other.

When we pass through each of these eight stages and achieve restoration, we can attain the position of true children of the Heavenly Parent.

Personal restoration takes place in the family, family restoration takes place in the clan, clan restoration takes place in the nation, nation restoration takes place in the country, and country restoration takes place in the world.

Even if we live for the good of our family, we must also dedicate our lives to something greater: our clan. Even if we live for our clan, we must also strive to live for the whole nation. And that’s how we need to go up, step by step.

Before taking responsibility for the future, humanity needs to dispel the wrongs of the past and pay atonement for them. We cannot consider only the people living on earth and the problems in our earthly world. When this is accomplished, then eternal peace will be established.