Writing and etymology in Korean
平 (평) [pyeong] – level
衡 (형) [hyeong] – weigh up

Everything that exists in this world has a dual structure. Our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and various parts of the body are balanced based on pairing relationships. Equilibrium refers to the horizontal position. Anything that exists in balance in all directions is more durable.

We relate to everything in the universe, so we need to give everything we receive. Then we will be in balance with the universe. Otherwise we are destined to disappear, because then we will not fit into it.

To create a balance of the elements, some center is required by which they will be brought into harmony; a certain force must bring them together. The highest value in the universe is love, and to set it in motion we need interaction between subject and object. Love is the center of the ideal world that has no alternative. The balance in the universe is maintained based on the axis of love.

To be in balance, a man and a woman must be together, not alone, and must be completely united, otherwise they will be outcasts in the universe.

In the family a person should fully experience true love – parental, marital, filial and daughterly. On the right is the love, life and lineage of a man, and on the left is the love, life and lineage of a woman. If the love of brothers and sisters is before and behind, the entire universe, in the center of which love resides, comes into balance. At its very core, where all types of love meet, God resides.