Liberation of conscience

Writing and etymology in Korean
양심의 해방
[yangsim-ui haebang]
良心의 解放
良心 (양심) [yangsim] – conscience
解放 (해방) [haebang] – liberate

There have been many different wars in history, but they all ended in the end. But the conflict between soul and body still does not end. This is the most dangerous and terrible war that does not recognize any truces! Since the war is endless, the Heavenly Parent has no place among us. He is unable to be with his children. When the body follows the soul, this world will be filled with goodness. But it’s obvious that now it’s the other way around.

Who controls the relationship between soul and body? If we are hungry and see tasty food, our conscience tells us that it should be given to someone who is hungrier. But the body expresses a desire to eat this food without sharing it with anyone. What prompting will we follow? All the time the body mercilessly urged the soul and dominated it. Very often the body brought our soul to tears and caused it a lot of suffering.

We need to always be relentless in suppressing the desires of the body. But no matter how persistent these desires are, conscience can calm them down. We cannot get rid of physical desires. But with deep inner understanding, we can use the power of our conscience to its fullest and provide powerful resistance to our desires.

If a person removes the burden from the soul and completely frees his conscience, it will automatically unite with true love. Love is much stronger than conscience. We can say this because conscience originates in love.

Conscience lives inside us and points us in the right direction. By ascending the steps of our conscience, we can restore love. In every step of your ascent, rely on your conscience. By moving forward purposefully and relentlessly, we can make it free.

The body always strives to tear us away from the ladder leading to God, while conscience invariably pushes us up. Conscience is the thread that connects you to God. As we continue to be guided by our conscience, we will become the absolute object of God. On this basis we can find His true love.