Scale of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 규모
[sarang-ui gyumo]
愛의 規模
愛 (사랑) [sarang] – love
規模 (규모) [gyumo] – scale

We need to be able to love our parents, our spouse and our children. This is the fate of each of us. These three types of love are inseparable. When they come together, such love can be considered perfect. No one and nothing can be separated from this one love. A person who is able to combine these three types of love can love all of humanity.

Our ancestors, ourselves and future generations must form one line. We need to reach out to those above us, our parents, and our sons and daughters, and truly love family. We are in the center, between them, and can influence past and future generations. It is we who determine the rise or fall.

What happens if one of us dies without having achieved his goal of doing his best in love for his country? And if everyone else dies without reaching the goal, leaving us alone, will we continue to move in this case?

Love will give us strength and provide for everyone else. Love stands above the law. This also applies in the relationship between the Creator and us. If we are filled with love and put all our energy into it, miracles will happen. With the help of such love we can be masters of ourselves. When we love, we are winners. And further, we can accomplish everything that future generations want from us. Wherever we go, victory will be with us, everyone will recognize us as winners. With such confidence in our souls, we can do anything.

The world is an extension of our family. It is inhabited by people the age of our parents, our age and the age of our children. Having these three types of love within us, we can say that we love the whole world by practicing such love in our family.

Our ability to expand the scope of our love in all directions, which begins in our own family, will determine whether we can bring ideal peace to the earth.