Way to happiness

Writing and etymology in Korean
행복으로 가는 길
[haengbok-ero kaneun kil]
幸福으로 가는 路
幸福 (행복) [haengbok] – happiness
路 (길) [kil] – way

One may wonder why the Creator did not make life simple by developing history from one happy period to another. Why did He allow so many people to sacrifice and experience so much grief and suffering that you don’t even want to remember it?

When going through a difficult time, we need to have confidence that we are heading towards happiness and not towards a miserable situation. The more unhappy we feel, the higher we are destined to rise, and when we reach a higher position, our feeling of happiness will be 2-3 times stronger. This is the law.

Does anyone deliberately want to go hungry? But one day we may have the chance to experience this; a person who thinks that he will never get hungry because he is full at the moment is simply stupid.

Only those who have suffered from hunger can truly appreciate the taste of food. For those who have been starving, there is no such thing as “bad food.” These people, even tasting dried bread, get more pleasure than ordinary people. Who is happier: a person who eats delicious food so often that he grumbles at the sight of it, or someone who knows the true taste of food? In this situation, the one who eats simple food is happier.

True happiness comes from awareness of the future; happiness comes with the understanding that through suffering we rise to a higher level. Those who seek happiness and meaning in life, going through suffering and cherishing this path, will grow spiritually.