Three royal rights

Writing and etymology in Korean
三 (삼) – three
大 (대) – great
王 (왕) – king
權 (권) – right, power

Whoever you ask what he wants his family to be, anyone will say, “It would be good if my grandfather, father, and me became kings.” That is man’s highest desire.”

Three generations together span past, present, and future. The three royal rights cannot exist without love. They are exercised only with the birth of children. This is why a woman absolutely needs a man, and a man needs a woman. Grandfather and grandmother are representatives of the Heavenly Parent. Your father and mother are the king and queen of the family of modern humanity, and you are the princes and princesses who will inherit royalty in the future.

We have entered an era in which families are becoming royal families. How exemplary should they become? How can one become a king without knowing how to treat a queen properly? Can a king live as he likes? And the queen? And their children? Both the king and the queen and the princes and princesses must obey the law of their country. Moreover, there is also the code of the royal palace. There are rules by which members of the royal family live in the palace. So serve your mother and father as queen and king, and serve your grandfather as God. People in our world should also be treated as members of the royal family.

By loving and respecting our grandfather, we inherit the past and learn what the world was like in the past. From the father, we learn about the present. By loving children, we learn about the future. From grandparents and parents, we inherit true love. Grandparents are old, but they are one in true love, father, and mother are also one, so we strive to become like them and inherit the future.

These three royal rights must bring forth fruit in our family. The sphere of the royal family is the abode of true love. In this sphere resides the perfection of the true son and true daughter, the perfection of brothers and sisters, spouses and parents.

The family that embodies the four worlds of the heart and acquires the three royal rights is the perfect family.