Writing and etymology in Korean
相 (상) [sang] - mutual, together
對 (대) [dae] - to answer
的 (적) [jeog] - goal

Everything in the universe is closely connected, from the smallest particles to the largest ones.

We cannot explain being in the Universe without touching the idea of partnership. The Universe protects the people who embody this idea. When a man and a woman strive to achieve unity and live together as one in eternal love, the whole universe will protect them. No one, not from any side, will invade their union.

The most important thing we humans seek is love. So, we must make the process of giving and receiving love run smoothly and without hindrance. The Universe must revolve around a single axis, which appears the moment each person begins to revolve around his or her subject-partner. And then the actions of giving and receiving naturally arise around this axis, like an electrical circuit.

Flowers and butterflies maintain a subject-object relationship with each other. They depend on each other and thrive on the relationship of giving and receiving. In the same way, the principle of creation predetermines the relationship between people and nature, between people themselves and between people and the Heavenly Parent.

Like the interdependent and harmonious relationship between flowers and butterflies, humans were created to live for each other and to share true love with each other. This means that the benchmark of man’s absolute value will be established only when the relationship between subject and object, who have devoted their lives to true love, blossoms in harmony.

Everything must unite in true love. Only then will there be an interconnection between people, families, society, countries, the world, and the universe. We must achieve this with our strength.