Convex and concave

Writing and etymology in Korean
凸 – 볼록할 (철) – convex
凹 – 오목할 (요) – concave

In the physical body of man, the masculine aspects are represented by the protruding parts, convex parts, front side, etc., whereas the concave parts, openings, back side, etc. are the feminine aspects. The masculine and feminine exist for the diversity, harmony, and beauty of creation. The higher the level of creation, the more complex its form, the contours of which are convex-curved rather than simply rounded. Nature is characterized by all kinds of changes, such as the cyclical change of seasons, the rhythmic change of day and night, the alternation of mountains and plains in the landscape. In the harmony of such changes lies beauty. Through such changes, we can experience the harmony of diversity.

Where man and woman, the convex and the concave, come together, the Creator and man and woman reach perfection as two halves of a single whole. From the moment when the convex and concave aspects get married and unite in first love, the direction of the ultimate goal of perfecting the ideal of love is laid.

The word “man” came into existence thanks to a woman. The big and powerful man was born for a small woman. For whom was the woman born? What is the difference between the woman and the man? One has concave genitals and the other convex. Why should their genitals fit together? To connect their lives and lineages. This is why the genitals are convex and concave.

A man and a woman must connect by their genitals. In other words, love will help them become one, that is, one soul and body. Through what is this unity of soul and body of man and woman achieved? Not with kisses or handshakes. The sexual organs completely unite them.

Because of ignorance, the genitals were treated as something to be ashamed of. The word for the wonderful seat of true love has become a swear word. Our genitals are convex and concave. Love is expressed in their complete fusion with each other. Without this fusion, we wouldn’t know what love is. It is in the genitals that love reaches perfection and absolute unity. There is no other way.