Equality between men and women

Writing and etymology in Korean
남녀의 동등한 가치
[namnyeoui dongdeunghan kachi]
男女의 同等한 價値
男女 (남녀) [namnyeo] – men and women
同等 (동등) [dongdeung] – equal
價値 (가치) [kachi] – value

Whom does Heavenly Parent love more: men or women? The later the object of creation appeared, the more precious it is for the Creator, since God invests more and more each time. Woman was a later creation into which the Creator put all His heart and all His essence. Note that women are more inclined to live for the sake of others. So God’s interest and love are inclined towards the woman.

Where would God like to live? If the first parents of mankind had not fallen into sin and had achieved perfection and become one with each other in true love, He would have dwelt in them. God is the lord of vertical and eternal love, and husband is the lord of horizontal love.

So the seed of life comes from God and is found within the husband. A woman is like a garden. She accepts the seed and sacrifices her body to nourish the seed, nourish the embryo with love and then give birth to it. The baby’s bones and flesh come 99% from the mother. If you consider how a woman is built, you will notice that not a single part of her body exists for her own purposes. Are her well-developed breasts and hips hers? No. They exist for the sake of her children. The womb, which is absent in men, functions in the monthly menstrual cycle and also exists for her children.

Who owns a woman’s reproductive organs: she or her husband? They belong to her husband. After all, we see that woman was created to live for her husband and children. So the husband should serve his wife as the queen of queens. When a wife is breastfeeding a child, the husband must do everything he can for his wife and child.

The husband is responsible for raising his children to become obedient children, patriots of the country, saints of the world, and sons and daughters of God. So, husband and wife relate to each other as subject-partner and object-partner.

A man and a woman are equal in their qualities. However, within the framework of the order of things, the husband, who contains within himself the seed of life, is the subject-partner. Together with the husband, as an absolute subject-partner, the wife and children must become one heart and one body and create a true family for the Creator.