Writing and etymology in Korean
預 (예) – ahead
言 (언) – word
者 (자) – personality

Providence of the restoration of Heavenly sovereignty is progressing gradually. Prophets and saints come to establish religions and raise the moral level of people and teach them true love by example of their character and exemplary life corresponding to the Celestial standard.

The truth never changes; it remained unchanged in the past, present and future. In bad times, God sent prophets to awaken rulers and warn them of the importance of following the Truth. If the rulers listened to their words, the country would come alive and prosper.

The body too often disobeys the dictates of conscience, so many rulers have not recognized the prophets and saints who came to it. They rejected their teachings and ignored their warnings. Hitherto the prophets awaited fetters and beatings. Some people and whole nations were struck. But those who are not consumed by the stream of persecution will be able to conquer their persecutors.

All prophets are extraordinary people. In search of God’s will, they have to go the way of sacrifice. When a prophet comes to the ground, his actions seem strange and even abnormal. Therefore, they were laughed at, opposed and tried to interfere.

Of all the historical figures, four great saints – Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius and Buddha – are indisputably worthy of veneration. Did they have luxurious and spacious houses? Did they at least live permanently in any village? No. Everywhere they went, they were pursued and humiliated, chased away.

God’s principles are immutable throughout history. The Heavenly Parent has always sent and will always send prophets or messengers to people to instruct rulers and civil authorities.