Jesus’ life journey was not meaningless; it was a holy journey, whose value cannot be overstated. He raised the bar for all mankind and set a benchmark; moreover, it was a path that carried with it the teaching that the whole world needed. There is no doubt that the teachings of Jesus are the standard to which all men should aspire, and the way of Jesus is the way that all mankind should follow. It is this teaching that forms the basis of modern democracy and is the foundation for building a world community.

Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. He was on a straight and clear path. Everything he thought he spoke with knowledge. He wanted his teachings to be accepted by people of all nations and peoples and to be the measure of truth for all. Did he achieve prosperity in life, or did he live on the brink of life and death? He descended to the lowest level to serve others, yet he said that anyone who humbles himself will be exalted.

Forgetting his personal life, he sought to shed light on the fundamental questions of the universe. Without seeking personal glory, he worked and sacrificed himself constantly. Because of the mental toughness and fortitude shown in his life, he was exalted to Heaven as the consummate leader and inspirer representing all of history.

Who followed Jesus to the very end and never once abandoned him? Even the three closest disciples among the Twelve could not keep faith and follow Jesus to the end.

Jesus’ life was full of bitterness and suffering. For three years he had been a full-time public servant, but did anyone know what was going on in his heart? Did anyone understand the circumstances of his life? No, there were no such people.

After his death, Jesus was concerned about his disciples, who were scattered. After his resurrection he went to Galilee to find his disciples. Even death did not stop him from trying to raise his disciples as persevering and courageous as he was.