To be an example

Writing and etymology in Korean
모범이 되십시오
[mobeomi toeshipshio]
模範이 化십시오
模範 (모범) – specimen, model
化 (되다) – to be, to become

We need to set an example in everything. To live in prosperity is not the main thing. An exemplary life is a life of moderation and restraint of spending, spending money only on the essentials.

In the family, parents need to set a personal example of how two people can become one. The father needs the mother’s approval, and the mother needs the father’s approval. They have to like each other and their children.

People who live for the common good must be an example in everything: in their work, in their speech, and in their behavior. Then people will respect them and naturally recognize their seniority.

It is especially important to set an example of exemplary work that proves you have done your best.

It is good to be proud of ourselves when we set an example for others, with the desire that they become exemplary people like us.

What do we need to do for the future? We need to educate our descendants. We need to show them an example and leave them a tradition. They have to be educated so that they don’t stray from the right path.

If you live your life showing a good example to each other, your life is good. If you set a bad example, your life is not good.

Become a person capable of respecting yourself as a person. Live a good life by being a good example to your parents, spouses, and children. We must also gain the respect of all creation and stand before it with our heads held high. Then we can say, “Follow my example.”