Writing and etymology in Korean
聖 (성) - holy, sacred
誕 (탄) - to be born
節 (절) - celebration

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of God’s son, but without knowing God’s purpose for his message, there can be no true celebration of Christmas.

Millions of people celebrate Christmas because everyone else does; but who knows the position of Jesus and then celebrates the day?

To know the heart of Jesus better, let us remember his situation on the first Christmas. There are so many churches today that celebrate and rejoice in the birth of Christ. The traditional attitude has been to praise how the Messiah was born in a stable and placed in a manger on straw. But how could mankind be proud that the son of God was born in such a miserable place?

If the priests, scribes, and rulers of Israel had known of Jesus’ coming, everyone would have looked forward to his coming and come to worship even before he was born. If that were the case, do you think people would have ever allowed him to be born in a stable?

There are two main schools of thought. One teaches that Jesus came to die, but the other teaches that Jesus was sent as the Messiah to bring salvation by being the father of humanity and bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Most people think that Jesus came into this world to die on the cross. Jesus, on the other hand, wanted to live, start a family, and accomplish what he was destined to do, but with a heart full of grief and disappointment, he chose to die. It was because the people did not accept Jesus that he was crucified, contrary to God’s will.

Why do people need a Messiah? We need the Messiah because we want to have love centered on our Heavenly Parent, and only the Messiah can give us that love. Jesus needed to eat and sleep like everyone else, but Jesus led a life that God could enjoy; that was the difference. We need Jesus to know his way of life so that we can inherit the tradition of untainted heavenly love.