Path to shared prosperity

Writing and etymology in Korean
공동번영의 길
[gongdongbeon-yeong-ui gil]
共同 繁榮의 道
共 (공) [кон] – common
同 (동) [дон] – same
繁 (번) [пон] – multiply
榮 (영) [йон] – prosperous
道 (길) [кіль] – path

For humanity to enjoy mutual prosperity, each person’s guiding philosophy of life must be centered on living for the sake of others. If we seek only personal gain, the chains of addiction and greed bind us. When we live for the sake of others, always putting them before ourselves, we are on the path to eternal freedom and blessing.

We must care for those who are less fortunate than us. A person who is grateful to others and who helps others is rich, and he will create a rich community, nation and world. God has endowed each of us with the gift of creation. Every person should have the opportunity to fully enjoy this gift.

It is against the will of Heaven for one man to have everything, and for one country to refuse to share scientific discoveries, technology, or resources when others are in need, or to use it to dominate other countries.

A successful life does not depend on money, position or authority; it feeds on true love. We must ensure that our assets help others. True pride comes when we spend it on goals that are significantly higher than us.