Purpose of our birth

Writing and etymology in Korean
우리가 탄생한 목적
[uriga tansaenghan mogjeog]
우리가 誕生한 目的
우리가 [uriga] – of our
誕生 (탄생한) [tansaenghan] – birth
目的 (목적) [mogjeog] – purpose

Throughout history people have constantly sought an answer to the question: why were they born? Some believe that they were born to serve their country. Others say that they were born for the sake of their parents. And there are those who believe that they were born for their own sake.

The Heavenly Parent created the Universe not only for the sake of people or for His own sake. The purpose that God had in creating, the purpose of nature in providing the necessary materials for the entire process, and even the purpose for which a human was created – all of these had to be agreed upon and achieved. There had to be some special essence common to all, consonant with the interests of the Creator, the world of nature and the people themselves.

This special essence common to all should carry within itself happiness and joy, which would increase over time. The feeling that arises should be such that once we experience it, we will not be able to do without it. It cannot be fleeting, it must be deeply internal.

Knowledge, money and power are just the elements necessary to support our lives. The purpose of our birth is not to possess them. Such things may be necessary in everyday earthly life, but only for a while, since they have no relation to eternity.

What is the special essence common to all? This is something that we cannot comprehend with human capabilities alone. A human cannot change the fundamental principles of life. This essence must be something capable of controlling motives, showing the path and even determining the ultimate goal of destination in the life of each person. Only true love can play the role of this special essence.

People are created to be born in love and to follow the path of love. For the sake of love people can spare their lives. This proves that love is more precious than life itself. Moreover, we see that love precedes life. This is why people willingly give their lives in the name of love.