Realm of brothers and sisters shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
형제자매의 심정권
[hyeongjejamaeui simjeong-gwon]
兄弟姊妹의 心情圈
兄弟 (형제) [hyeongje] – brothers
姊妹 (자매) [jamae] – sisters
心情 (심정) [simjeong] – shimjeong (heart)
圈 (권) [gwon] – realm

This is another area of true love that is perfected in the family. Brothers and sisters living together learn a lot by observing the behavior of their parents. The child grows and gradually becomes like his father or mother. In the spatial dimension, this can be described as the relationship between the front and back. If the older brother is the partner subject, his younger brother becomes the partner object accordingly. Yet it is the younger brother who allows the older brother to assume the position of subject. In such relationships, the absolute value of the older brother is formed.

The elder brother looks after his younger brothers and sisters with parental love. Younger brothers and sisters learn true love by respecting and serving their older brothers and sisters as their father and mother. This shows the perfection of the love of brothers and sisters. Each of them tries to maintain strength and compensate for the weaknesses of others. This realm of shimjong half-siblings is filled with endless love.

Children living in a true family, where the realm of shimjeong of brothers and sisters is perfected in true love, will go out into the big world and lead a life in it that is clear as crystal and bright as the sun. When they meet older people, they will honor and serve them as they would do it for their own parents. In relation to the younger ones, they will show the same true love, empathize with them and help them as much as if they were to do it for their younger brothers and sisters. Therefore, they will be respected as people who possess true love and shimjeong. Even at a young age, they can become central personalities, reliable and trustworthy to people of all ages. It follows that the perfection of the shimjeong realm of brothers and sisters within a true family develops values that will endure for eternity.