Writing and etymology in Korean
自 (자) [ja] – self
尊 (존) [jon] – respect
感 (감) [kam] – feeling

Let’s try to carefully analyze our daily life, filled with various problems, think through every moment of it and answer: have we always done the right thing? During their studies, many people found themselves in situations where they found it difficult to find the correct answer during a test. The same thing happens in life. You can evaluate your actions, for example, with the letter “O” if you did the right thing; and “X” if you made a mistake.

If you rate your action with an “O” mark, this means that you successfully dealt with the situation and obtained a positive result. Most likely, you lived “as at noon”, without casting a shadow. Without a doubt, your life has acquired such depth and such breadth that you were able to forgive and love your enemy in an outburst of true love.

If your self-esteem ends with an “X”, it means that you have done something shameful. Your heart is likely filled with negative elements such as insecurity, irritability, bitterness and envy. Your thoughts and soul must have been narrow-minded and intransigent, and you yourself exuded a selfish individualism so strong that you did not notice what was happening to the people around you.

The letter “O” symbolizes harmony, unity and peace, love and life. The letter “X” symbolizes death. If our soul and body achieve complete unity, we will become like the letter “O”. However, if as a result of conflict our soul and body are in a state of chaos, we will become like the shape of the letter “X”.
Every moment of our life should be worthy of an “O” grade. We ourselves need to become like the letter “O” – round and perfect in its shape.