Union of man and woman

Writing and etymology in Korean
남녀의 단결
[namnyeoui dangyeol]
男女의 團結
男 (남) [nam] – man
女 (녀) [nyeo] – woman
團結 (단결) [dangyeol] – union

The strongest thunder and the brightest light in the universe is created by the clash of love between a man and a woman. When you are drowning in love, you don’t see or hear anything, and you don’t want to tear yourself away from it even for a moment. God intended that such intoxication with love would prevail throughout His creation, and that we would be constantly surrounded by goodness and warmth.

When you truly experience an explosive feeling of love, it defies description. Love can be experienced from all sides with all your senses. When a man and woman get married, they want this kind of ideal love. When a perfect husband and wife are together, they will look very beautiful, radiating the highest beauty.

Is there a higher goal than to become completely intoxicated with perfect love and drown in it? This is the fulfillment of the purpose of life, and when God also penetrates into this love, the whole universe is involved.

What would you like to put first in your marriagemoney and power, or leave them behind and put love first? Can couples who enter into a contract truly enjoy unconditional love, or are they just using it for themselves?

When the time comes to get married, will you hide little gems from your partner that you don’t want him to know about? Do you want to get married partially or completely? What is the union of a man and a woman really? Marriage means taking all your power, knowledge, money and yourself, putting it in one box and giving it to your spouse, asking only for his or her love in return. You give everything to each other and receive love in return. If you want to keep some of the things in this box, can you claim to be completely drowned in a sea of love or not?

If love is the highest power in the universe, then the culmination or fulfillment of the purpose of love must bring forth the fruit of absolute beauty, absolute warmth and absolute peace.