Writing and etymology in Korean
貪 (탐) [tam] –greed
慾 (욕) [yog] – desire

Human is a greedy creature. No matter how much power he has, even if it’s enough to rule the entire world, something inside him does not feel satisfied. Have you ever thought about where such desires came from, where this greed began? Desires and greed must have a source.

Why did Heavenly Parent endow human being with desires, ambitions and greed? He wanted to fill the hungry hearts of people with true love.

The human soul is the most insatiable thing. No matter how much has already been accumulated, it will never say: “This is enough.” Even if you have more gold, diamonds and money than necessary, your soul will not feel full.
People have desires and a natural desire for love, God allows us to personally own something and achieve personal goals. However, we were not originally supposed to strive for unlimited wealth or pursue evil goals that run counter to the common good.

Greed has caused many problems in history. A person himself may not be so evil, but because of his environment or his ancestors, he willy-nilly feels hatred, envy and similar bad things. If such a person decides to change through education, if he chooses good mentors and a good living environment, if he makes an effort, the power of evil influencing him will gradually weaken.

What can satiate a person’s soul and satisfy his desire? Nothing material can do this. Only true love can completely satisfy and satiate the soul.

In the right position the greed will want to give away everything it has, and from this it can melt the whole world. So showing such greed is not so bad. It will be truly holy.