Hoon Dok Hae

Writing and etymology in Korean
訓 (훈) [hun] – teaching
讀 (독) [dok] – to read
會 (회) [hae] – meeting, conference (alternative character used in Japan – 会)

The Chinese character “hoon” (訓) consists of two characters “word” (言) and “stream” (川) joined together. The three lines represent the river and at the same time symbolize the stages of formation, growth and completion.

A stream is water, and water is only alive when it flows. Since the character hun symbolizes the Word of God and compares it to water, the Word must constantly flow in order to remain alive. Still water stagnates and rots. Just as water flows from high places to low places, words must be transmitted farther and farther. The words of the Heavenly Parent should be heard everywhere, in every home, in every country, in every corner of the world.

The character “dok” (讀) consists of the characters for “word” (言) and “sell” (賣). Accordingly, we, like salespeople, need to hand out or “sell” words.

We have the precious Word, but we must not enjoy it alone, we must reveal it to others. We have to read the Word hundreds, thousands of times, until we learn it by heart, until we become its incarnation.

While reading the Word during Hoon Dok Hae, we should seriously try to understand God’s Shimjong. It should move us to tears, and not be something like a punishment or a lullaby.

This is the meaning of the word Hoon Dok Hae.

The Hoon Dok Hae tradition

Hoon Dok Hae tradition is the tradition of reading the Word of God. If it takes root in every family, in every aspect of life, then the truth will bear tangible fruit in real daily life. Make Hoon Dok Hae whenever you have time, even if you’re alone or on the toilet!

Wherever we are, we must gather together and study the message of God revealed to us; we call it Hoon Dok Hae, that is, the study of the Word that is pleasing to God.

When we read God’s Word, God is with us. If we diligently observe the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, the spirits from the spirit world will descend and participate in the readings with us, thus gaining the benefit of resurrection through return. Thus, reading Hoon Dok Hae materials is a way to mobilize the heavenly spirit world.

What is our task? Our families must reach perfection by following God’s Word, which we study during Hoon Dok Hae.

Engage in reading and studying at any time – whether it be day or night. You must read the Word hundreds and even thousands of times until it becomes yours. Moreover, start putting it into practice. These words touch your heart wherever and whenever you hear them. When the heart is inspired, incredible revolutionary changes take place in the body.