Quarrels in the family

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족간의 다툼
[gajoggan-ui datum]
家族 (가족) – family
爭 (다툼) – dispute; fight

The root of all problems originates from the relationship between men and women, because of this the world has plunged into destructive chaos. If they had realized the original ideal of creation, universal peace would have come long ago. No matter how favorable the environment, it will not help us find peace if our soul and body are irreconcilable with each other. The problem lies within ourselves. And this is very serious.

A man and woman cannot be happy if they constantly quarrel. There is no peace or hope between them. Eventually their soul and body separate.

Why is there no peace in the relationship between soul and body? They pursue different goals, and the desires of the body are stronger than the desires of the soul.

There is no agreement between soul and body. There are two people living inside each of us. Look at a husband and wife: they are two people, but in reality they are four because their souls and bodies are in conflict with each other. And if there are five members in a family, then they already represent ten parties at war with each other. Can there be peace and happiness in such a family?

Quarrels in the family are equivalent to wars. If family quarrels do not stop, there will never be peace or happiness on Earth. God cannot dwell where people quarrel.

Problems in relationships between men and women in the family have led to problems in society, the country, and the world. If they are resolved, then more than 80% of the remaining problems will automatically be resolved and a conflict-free world will soon be established.