Husband in the family

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족 중 남자
[kajok jung namja]
家族 (가족) [kajok] – family
中 (중) [jung] – middle
男子 (남자) [namja] – man

The husband occupies the position of the subject; he must be in the center and not lose his position. This position is the position of God. If there is a lack of harmony in the family, the husband is responsible.

The husband must be the most loving husband in the world. The husband’s love for his wife should exceed the children’s love for their mother. And the wife’s love should be greater than the children’s love for their father. This is what an ideal family should be like.

In a happy family, the husband, when he returns home, consults with his wife, telling her everything that has happened to him, and finds new solutions to help pave the way in life. A happy family is one where the spouses work together to find new opportunities.

Even if a loving husband will fight at home, it only stimulates love. If a husband has no love, his words alone can cause terrible destruction; his words will stab into the flesh like knives!

A man’s attitude toward a woman should be: “How can I ease her burden?” Soothe, praise, and inspire her; in other words, give her hope. By hurting her feelings, you will endanger not only yourself, but your entire future family, who will suffer if your wife is hurt. She is very vulnerable. A woman should feel the joy of communicating with a man.

Even if you are convinced that your wife is doing wrong, and would like to tell her about it – do not say anything and do not oppose her. Even if her wrongdoing is obvious, leave her alone. Give her time to change. If you like to criticize, be careful with the choice of words.

The husband should love his wife, and the wife should love her husband as God’s representative. If loving spouses view each other only from a human perspective, each will see faults in the other, which may eventually even lead to divorce.

A true husband is a man who says to his wife, “I was born for you, so I live for you and will die for you. A true wife should be able to say the same thing to her husband. A family where spouses live by this principle, fitting in with each other, going beyond themselves for their other half, is an ideal and happy family, full of peace.