Wife in the family

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족 중 여성
[kajok jung yeoseong]
族 (가족) [kajok] – family
中 (중) [jung] – middle
女性 (여성) [yeoseong] – woman

In the family, men are the skeleton and women are the flesh. Difficulties in marriage often arise because a woman thinks, “When I get married, my husband will take complete care of me.” This is a wrong attitude. Only by giving, can one receive in return. Through constant giving, the wife will have power over her husband. He will not resist her desires for the rest of his life, and will be happy to serve her.

A wife should try to keep a smile on her face, no matter how her husband treats her. If you feel like you are about to scream with anger, you must make your mouth smile. An important reason for this is the children. If a mother cries in front of her children, the memory of it stays in their hearts for a long time. It will be very painful for the children to see their mother feel bad.

Without his wife, the husband cannot cleanse his heart; she must do it for him. A woman’s love can “cleanse” anything and everyone. Wives need to take care of their husbands and children, and “wash” their family every day, but not with soap and water, but with their motherly love. A father’s love is incapable of this.

Women are the mentors of their husbands’ hearts (shimjeong). They are also called to have a positive influence on her in-laws and her husband’s family. You can consider that your husband married the mentor of his family.

Don’t worry about the material wealth of your family; wealth or poverty does not affect the quality of love. The only thing that matters is the richness of your love.

The cross a woman bears is the heaviest. It is a cross of heart, emotion, and love, but as she continues to give her strength to serve her family and clan, she will receive the greatest blessing from them in the future.

Be a smiling wife and mother. Allow your husband to rise to the highest peak and freely “dive” into the sea of your love. You know that no matter how high your husband divesfrom, he will never be able to reach the bottom of your love once he sinks into it.