Three Immutable Laws

Writing and etymology in Korean
세 가지 불변의 법칙
[se gaji bulbyeon-ui beobchig]
三가지 不變의 法則
三 (세) [se] – three
不變 (불변) [bulbyeon] – immutable
法則 (법칙) [beobchig] – law

The world of order was created according to absolute and strict rules. Thanks to this the entire vast Universe still exists in harmony, gradually becoming a single whole.

The will of God is carried out according to Heavenly laws and in accordance with Providence. We must be guided by these laws and strictly follow them, and not act carelessly. These laws apply equally to everyone.

The first law states that a person must never, under any circumstances, desecrate his lineage. Maintaining cleanliness is the most important thing. We must not tarnish our bloodline.

The second law states that human rights cannot be infringed. Men and women, black and white, are all equal. Discrimination cannot be practiced in violation of human rights. A true person is one who lives true love, respects human rights, and loves other people. Breaking this law is the second sin.

The third article of the law warns against wasting public money. This means that you cannot use public funds to meet your own needs. You can’t misuse money.

The entire Universe condemns those who become debtors in this world. If even one person from our lineage creates a problem for everyone and forces our lineage into debt, who will like it?

We always need to remember Heavenly law; not knowing and not observing it, we live illegally. It is necessary to make compliance with these laws a habit.