To attend

Writing and etymology in Korean
亻- radical of the character "human" (人)
寺 (사) - temple

Translated as "to attend or wait on a higher-status person". In church terminology, it translates as "to serve".

The way to be united is to attend each other. Grandmother should help grandfather and grandfather should help grandmother; father should help mother and mother should help father; husband should attend wife and wife should attend husband. In addition, the eldest of the children must take care of the youngest, and the youngest in turn must help the eldest. Here is the simple secret to achieving unity. If you create a close bond by serving one another, there will be peace and harmony in your family.

In the realm of love, the greatest will be the one who gives the most love. A great person… lives for the good of others. He whose position is higher must serve those whose position is lower. Unification is not by dominance, but by service. That is why all children run into the arms of their mother as soon as she appears. It is only possible through love.

The most important thing is love. Not the love that wants to be served, but the love that itself wants to serve.

What does it mean to attend someone wholeheartedly, with a sincere desire, and to be totally devoted to that person? It means that you are willing to sacrifice your life for him. That is the full measure of devotion.