Preparation and foundation

Writing and etymology in Korean
준비 및 기초
[chunbi mit kicho]
準備 및 基礎
準備 (준비) [chunbi] – preparation
基礎 (기초) [kicho] – foundation

In our youth, we learn. What is the meaning of learning? It’s about preparing for the future. To be successful people, we have to prepare ourselves. Once prepared, we must absorb the former foundation to then create our own foundation on a new level, based on our actual preparation. The new grounding must surpass the previous grounding. A new historical foundation can emerge only through development. This is an important conclusion of history.

For example, soldiers must be thoroughly trained. Why is this necessary in the army? To ensure that the enemy is not better prepared, the army must train itself to try to outdo itself and thereby gain an advantage. To achieve this, one must gather and analyze information on the enemy’s history to outdo his foundation. For this reason, one must invest in preparation. This principle applies to all situations.

Unprepared people who have no personal foundation are the most unhappy people. Such people can be compared to an army where the commanders are unable to arm their soldiers, equip them with ammunition, and train them properly. People without a personal foundation and self-training are a rather pitiful sight.

Training is necessary first, and then foundations. Without proper preparation, one cannot build a foundation for the future. This is the law of historical development. It is valid for the life of the individual as well as for society as a whole. It is true for the historical path of a particular country and of history as a whole.

History will remember our results and the foundation we created. History will remember not our abilities, but our results. Not the degree of our training, but the quality of the foundation we created.

So, how do you want to live your life? To be empowered to help people become God’s children, you need knowledge and ability. God does not want each person to be His child by themselves, but together with His other children, which is why you need knowledge and ability. Since ability comes from knowledge, you need to learn. That’s the conclusion you can draw. Do you think you should study or not?