Standard of Shimjeon

Writing and etymology in Korean
심정의 기준
[simjeong-ui gijun]
心情의 基準
心 (심) [sim] – heart
情 (정) [jeong] – feelings, emotions
基 (기) [gi] – basis
準 (준) [jun] – correct

Humanity was created to live in a peaceful garden with God, as His children. Now providence is directed towards the realization of this goal.

How is God going to bring peace in the midst of hell on earth? If the first people had not fallen, the soul and body would have been in complete harmony with each other, obeying the will of Heaven. However, there was a disconnect between our spiritual and physical aspirations. The Creator strives with all his might to direct history in the right direction and establish peace.

However, if we enter the ideal world without achieving the shimjeon standard, someday we will have to change everything again. Until a person has reached the proper level of shimjeon development, he will feel like a stranger in an ideal world. The concept of “standard of shimjeon” includes the ability to take care of the world, adapt to its rhythm, and merge with it. If a person’s shimjeon does not meet the standard, being in an ideal world will be uncomfortable for him.

The Supreme Essence, the Supreme Creator created this world, and the Universe is His integral part. Since the crown of creation, a human, must become the ruler of the world of creation, he needs to unite with the Shimjeon of God. Shimjeon is not only the guarantee of preserving the Parent-child relationship between God and humanity, it is also the thread connecting humanity with the rest of creation.

We must change the direction of our lives: instead of greedily demanding love, we must give it generously. When every person, every family and, finally, all of humanity follows this example, lasting peace will be established on Earth.