Unity of religion and science

Writing and etymology in Korean
종교와 과 학의 통일
[jong-gyowa gwahag-ui tong-il]

The main mission of science is to improve people’s material lives. Nevertheless, since the original human being is a unified entity consisting of soul and body, real life in society involves the harmony of spiritual and material aspects, and the ideal world is the unity of love and creative activity.

Science explores the world of consequence, while religion explores the world of the heart. Believers have always been frightened by the development of science, especially since the Renaissance. But can a believer be concerned about salvation without being concerned about the development of science and technology to solve the problems of hunger, disease and aging, as well as lack of shelter and clothing? There is no doubt that science has made a significant contribution to solving these issues.

In our time, the development of science and modern scientific civilization have been able to successfully integrate the realm of knowledge about the outside world. In the inner world, however, it is not science but religion that reveals the original nature and character of the person. Religion must fulfill its mission and create an internally cohesive world where all people are completely united. Right now, science and religion are in a conflicted relationship, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Religion and science, each in their own spheres, have been the methods of searching for truth in order to conquer ignorance and attain knowledge. Eventually, the way of religion and the way of science should be integrated, and their problems resolved in one united undertaking.

Improving material life alone will not create a world of true happiness, prosperity, and goodness. People must combine science and ideology and solve the long-standing problem of the relationship between science and religion. Only then, completely freed from ignorance and living the life of goodness to which the original soul strives, will people find eternal happiness.