Giving and receiving power

Writing and etymology in Korean
힘의 수수작용
[him-ui susujag-yong]
力의 授受作用
力 (힘) [him] – power
授受 (수수) [susu] – give and receive
作用 (작용) [jag-yong] – action

The entire universe exists as one large sphere at the center with the Creator, who is the bestowing power, the power of true love. Heavenly fortune flows into every corner of it, ensuring growth and prosperity for everything that exists. There is always a giving force in this universe. Because of this, the receiving force follows it and fills the vacuum, creating perpetual motion with a settled center.

God is at the center of the sphere and gives His energy to support everything. All this, receiving energy, gives back, like the reflection of light. Like the Creator, all creation must be willing to give more than it receives. This leads to the development of everything and the development of the universe.

Love flows continuously, like the flow of water and air. Water, air and love have a flow. Does light also flow? Everything current is capable of leaving and returning. Nothing is lost in the universe. Elements flow away only to eventually return.

The power of true love is a bestowing power. By applying it to our own lives, we will find balance. This is not a receiving force, it is a giving and supporting force. If we stand in the center and give, a natural harmony is created. At this point we completely deny ourselves, we simply give. Everything that comes to this zero point is welcomed. This bestowing power is eternal power. By denying ourselves, we continue to give. As a result, the force of receiving follows the force of giving, and eternal motion begins.

Parents are an example of virtue because they want their children to become more valuable than themselves. In a husband-wife relationship, each expects the other person to be better than himself. The older brother expects the younger brother to be better than him. Those who give more than they receive are the cause and the beginning. Conclusion – you need to be a person who gives more than he receives.