Family Pledge

Writing and etymology in Korean
[kajon mense]
家庭 (가정) [kajon] — family
盟誓 (맹세) [mense] — pledge

Humanity was originally bound by birth to the content of the Family Vow. Therefore, people must live and die with this Pledge. You must read the text of the Family Pledge without the slightest remorse. The Family Pledge is a proclamation that you do not have the slightest connection with Satan.

Two people, a man and a woman, have lost their family, so we need to establish the Family Pledge and recreate a model family that God and mankind can welcome to this earth as a sinless, authentic family. Without this, it is impossible to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and on heaven; without this, God cannot joyfully come to earth and dwell on it. This is why the creation of the Family Pledge is inevitable.

The Family Pledge fully reveals what the family should be, returned to the realm of God’s ideal of creation. It encapsulates all the main points of the Principle concerning the building of a family.

True love is mentioned at the beginning of each paragraph of the Pledge. What is true love? If we consecrate our soul and body to God as an offering, everything comes back to us, even God Himself. Why did we make “true love” the original premise of the Family Pledge? So that we can talk about entering the original world, the Garden of Eden, which did not know sin. So, family and country must seek the true person and the true family.

If you read the Family Pledge carefully, you will notice that it speaks of total liberation based on the restoration of indemnity. This is why people who recite the Family Pledge are in the realm of perfect families, not families of the fallen world. Thus, since the realm of families is formed based on true love, the unity of soul and body, which were previously divided by false love, is achieved in it. Without uniting soul and body, it is impossible to recite the Family Pledge.

Through the Family Pledge, the authority of the true family is fully transmitted to us. Coming from a fallen family, you must return nevertheless to your original sinless position, and then the family, the nation, the country, and the world must establish forever on this foundation of the Principle. Only when this happens will the Kingdom of Heaven come on earth.

As the appropriate age has come, the Family Pledge can become the family motto necessary to prepare for life in that age.

Who should be your center when you make the Pledge? Heavenly Parent. We must become His objects. We are all His objects.

The Family Pledge is the great universal proclamation. The content of the Pledge must be put into practice. It is impossible for the Pledge to go unfulfilled.