Four spheres of simjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
四 (사) – four
大 (대) – great
心情 (심정) – simjeong (heart)
圈 (권) – sphere

What do you need to prepare for life on earth for the transition to another world? You must learn to love by inhaling the «air» of love from father and mother. In the process of growth and maturation, we need to pass all stages of development of the simjeong (heart) as brother or sister, husband or wife, father and mother and grandparents.

The highest aspiration of man is to live where love lives, that is, in the world of simjeong .

The family is the smallest unit in which we can embody and perfect the four great kinds of love, i.e., the four great spheres of simjeong (hearts): parental love, love of brothers and sisters, marital love and child love. True family is the basis of true love and true happiness for all its members. True life and true genealogy, are born and flourish in it. The true family is a training ground and a school of true love and education of true character.
We must cultivate in ourselves the capacity for true love based on personal experiences. True love cannot be taught by written or spoken words, it is not taught by general education.
The true family is a training ground and a school of true love and education of true character.

The family must have a father and mother, sons and daughters. When it represents all types of relationships, the family can become a real basis for happiness. A man needs to grow up and experience love at every stage of his life, perfecting the simjeong of true children, the simjeong of true siblings and the simjeong of true parents. It is only by experiencing all these forms of love that we will be able to become the perfect human beings who realize the purpose of creation.

Parental love focuses on children, and the love of children is connected with parents. The love of the husband is directed to the wife, and the love of the wife – to the husband. All these kinds of love cannot be united by themselves. The subjective force capable of uniting them is God’s love. If each of them has a Subject, all of them automatically merge. And vice versa: without God, human love is self-centered and cannot lead to unity.