Law of likeness

Writing and etymology in Korean
원리적 유사성
[wolli-jeog yusa-sseong]
原理的 類似性
原理 원리 [wolli] – principle, law
類似 유사 [yusa] – similarity, likeness

People like things that look like them. Consequently, the ideal world must be like the Creator. Everything in the world is a reflection of Him. Nature reflects the Creator symbolically, while man is created in His image. As a consequence, we can find common attributes in the natural world. Everything moves in a certain order, and there is a certain commonality between all species.

The universe was created after the pattern of a human being, who is in the image of God’s dual characteristics. Therefore, the structure of the universe and every entity in it resembles that of a human being, which consists most fundamentally of mind and body. For this reason, the universe includes not only the physical world similar to man’s body, but also the invisible spiritual world corresponding to his soul.

Any seed bears a resemblance to its origin. The seed of any plant consists of two halves wrapped in one outer shell. In this, we see the image of the Creator. His personality includes the properties of plus and minus. This is how He recreates His own image and relates it to created beings. Man is the prototype of the subject-partner, and woman is the prototype of the object-partner. By creating them as two separate beings, He wanted each of them to achieve personal perfection.

Marriage is a sacred union that allows two people to become like God. In marriage, man, and woman merge to form a likeness of the Creator, a reflection of Him.

However, human beings have lost the gift of inheriting the creativity of the Heavenly Parent. They have begun to exercise self-focused creativity more often than Heart-focused creativity, often harming others and nature.

Although man is created in the likeness of the Creator, this does not mean that he is like Him from the moment of his birth. It takes time for people to become like their Heavenly Parent. They go through three stages in their development: formation, growth, and completion. Human development is a process of acquiring a likeness to God, during which people begin to resemble His person.