Original Sin

Writing and etymology in Korean
原 (원) [won] - source
罪 (죄) [joe] - sin

How did the Human fall begin? And what exactly was the fall of man and woman? Could it have involved literally eating the actual fruit called the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, as the Scriptures say? Just eating some fruit cannot be considered committing original sin.

Abuse of love, or unlawful love, is the cause of the human fall. Everything happened because of an unauthorized relationship when first Eve became involved with Lucifer and then Adam became involved with Eve, by then already united with Lucifer. When Adam and Eve began their married life and created a family, it was in union with Lucifer, not with God. For this reason, the blood of Satan flows in the descendants of Adam and Eve, meaning in the veins of all mankind.

When the progenitors of people fell and acquired original sin, they lost the ability to develop their original, God-given nature and instead acquired a fallen nature.

The most serious problem of mankind is the destruction of family values because of vice and moral decay. Moral decay is indeed original sin, pushing people into an abyss of misery and despair. What the world of the future will look like, Heaven or hell, depends on whether we can establish a set of moral laws that protect family purity and family values.

Original sin entered the world of men through the body. No matter how strong a person’s faith may be, original sin remains in his flesh and will be passed down from generation to generation.

There is not one person in the fallen world who embodies absolute goodness, for everyone born has inherited original sin. It remains even in people of the greatest faith and is passed on to their children. The deeper a person’s faith, the fiercer the struggle against sin he must wage.

Original sin has not yet been plucked out from the root. Since the root of original sin still exists, Satan can still rule the world.

Indemnity requires the removal of original sin, but the removal of original sin affects the fundamental problem of genealogy, which fallen people cannot solve on their own. For this purpose, we need a Messiah.

Parents of evil who have original sin cannot produce children of good who are free from original sin. There is no doubt that we will not find sinless parents among fallen people. They must come down from Heaven.