Sphere of husband and wife shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
부부의 심정권
[bubuui simjeong-gwon]
夫婦의 心情圈
夫婦 (부부) [bubu] – husband and wife
心情 (심정) [simjeong] – simjeong (heart)
圈 (권) [gwon] – sphere

The relationship between spouses is different from the relationship between parents and children and the relationship between brothers and sisters, since it is not based on blood relationship. A man and a woman, brought up in different conditions and circumstances, meet and enter into a truly serious agreement with each other to begin their life together. When they are united by the power of true love in soul and body, their relationship grows stronger and becomes even stronger than the ties of consanguinity. The relationship between spouses is fraught with endless and inexhaustible treasures. It is assumed that once concluded in the presence of God, the union of husband and wife is absolute and the two will be forever inseparable.

The relationship between husband and wife should begin as if they were blood brother and sister. After all, everyone born has within themselves a particle of God – their True Parent, and everyone is destined to serve God forever. When such a relationship is formed, the evil hand of divorce can never drive a wedge between the spouses. If Heaven is favorable, and conscience guards their peace, standing on guard with a drawn sharp sword, which person would agree to leave his partner, who brings him eternal joy?

Both love and God are absolute, unique, unchanging. This is how love between husband and wife should be. For a wife, a husband is the living embodiment of true value. She sees him as the ideal Heavenly son, older brother, husband and father. For her husband, a wife embodies, accordingly, absolute values, like an ideal Heavenly daughter, sister, wife and mother.

Spouses, united in soul and body, who have perfected the sphere of spouse shimjeon, embody the hope of the Universe. This stage of development must be passed before improving the sphere of true parental shimjeon.