Achieving true peace

Writing and etymology in Korean
참 평화를 이루다
[cham pyeonghwareul iruda]
眞平和를 이루다
眞 (참) [cham] – true
平和 (평화) [pyeonghwa] – peace
이루다 [iruda] – achieve

What must we do to achieve true peace? First, there must be unity between soul and body. Very often the soul thinks correctly, but the body does not obey it, and then we become slaves of our physical bodies and unwittingly make fatal mistakes.

At any cost, we must unite soul and body, become the embodiment of true love and rise to the pinnacle of perfection. Since the beginning of time, the Creator has sought to find such true people.

Secondly, as members of human society, we must practically live for others. We must respect the human rights of all people on Earth. Under no circumstances should we violate another person’s rights. Racial discrimination, interreligious differences, and selfish nationalism create situations where human rights are violated. The era when people could rule from a position of strength is over. The time has come to govern from a position of love. The source of peace is true love.

Thirdly, we must create families in which the flowers of true love bloom in all their splendor. When a man and woman committed in true love enter into a marital relationship and bear children, their family becomes a true family. Peace and happiness will automatically reign in this family. Children are expected to remain faithful in marriage just as their parents do.

Fourth, we must destroy once and for all the tendency to waste and plunder public funds. Looting public funds and giving them to your own children is a mortal sin, worse than poisoning your children.

We must also not only preserve public funds, but also eradicate any attempts to destroy the environment, nature, which brings us joy and supports our lives.

In this way, it will be possible to build a society where independence, mutual harmony, universal values and mutual love reign. It will be a world where we, as brothers and sisters, will coexist in prosperity and live for each other.