Cain and Abel

The biblical story of Cain and Abel tells us that human conflict originated already in Adam’s family. This story has become the prototype for the endless history of struggle, war, and conflict in the human world. We experience conflict on many levels, from the struggle between soul and body in each person to wars between countries and even the global conflict between materialism and theism.

God had to create a certain rule for the separation of man. He established the rule of separation based on the polarities of internal and external, subject and object; with God occupying the position of an internal being and creation occupying the position of an external being.

Based on this principle, God divided in two the fallen Adam and Eve through their children. Cain symbolized Satan, and Abel symbolized the sinless Adam.

It seems that God treated Cain and Abel differently, but that is not true. If Cain had the slightest desire to sacrifice through Abel, who represented Heaven’s position, God would have accepted Cain’s sacrifice. Even though he would have received recognition later, God still wanted to treat them justly.

When Cain revealed that God only accepted Abel’s sacrifice, he hit Abel and killed him out of hatred. However, you should know that Cain held a grudge against Abel even as they were preparing their sacrifices. Cain did not hit Abel in a sudden fit of anger because God only accepted Abel’s sacrifice. Cain hated Abel and wanted to kill him even before this incident.

God did not reject Cain’s sacrifice out of hatred for him. Rather, He did so because Cain had a condition for interacting with Satan that gave Satan the right to his sacrifices. Consequently, God could not accept Cain’s sacrifice until he created a certain condition justifying God’s acceptance of his sacrifice.

When God accepted only Abel’s sacrifice, he was filled with arrogance. God gave Abel this situation so that he could save Cain. God expected Abel to love Cain and share with him the love he received from God and also his personal love. But on the basis that Abel filled with arrogance, Satan was able to accuse him. Satan influenced Cain to lose his self-control and sanity and kill his brother.

Cain had to go to Abel and ask him to show him the way to God so that his sacrifice could be accepted as well. He had to maintain absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God; then he would be completely united with his brother. Only under this condition could he enter the sphere of God.

You must not repeat the mistake of Abel, who caused a delay in God’s providence because he could not handle the mission given to him by Heaven.

Cain and Abel are defined this way: the one who takes the blows is Abel, and the one who inflicts it is Cain. Take for example two sons with a considerable difference in age. But even if the older brother consults with his parents and acts in their best interest, but strikes the younger, the innocent one, the parents will side with the younger rather than the older brother. People don’t realize that this is what the criterion for distinguishing good from evil in our modern society is based on. Those who harm others are certain to take the position of Cain.

All the conflicts and wars our world has seen since the beginning of history have essentially been battles between the side of Cain, who represents relative evil, and the side of Abel, who is more on the side of good.

Nevertheless, Cain and Abel are never to be separated. They are like a right hand and a left hand. Every person should live with this attitude: “My God is also your God”; “The God who loves me loves you.”

Think about the moment when Cain killed Abel. That murder pierced God’s heart with a sharp pain, and his tears are still flowing. God wanted the older son to love his younger brother, but instead he killed him. This murder broke God’s heart. But look at the world today: every day tens of thousands of people die for various reasons or starve to death. Do you think God’s heart is at peace?

Why do we need Cain and Abel? We need them to restore indemnity. What do we need to take responsibility for restoration through indemnity? We need to become a selfless sacrifice.